Dawn (lovejaded2) wrote,

Morning After...

Last night i took one SSP around 6pm, and made dinner. I didn't feel the appetite suppressing kicking in, which didn't worry me at all --- but then we decide we're going to take a trip down to the coastal trail and catch the sunset. Of course, we stop and get my little one a small ice cream cone from Mcdonalds --- and I decide to take another SSP just in case I cave in. Wrong choice!

I couldn't sleep at all last night, and i somehow managed to get a twilight nap in while watching the news. side effects are definitely dry/cotton mouth. I didn't suffer any palpations, and I am not exhausted at all.

Of course, I'm at work today... and I took another SSP. So far so good. No cravings, but I can eat breakfast - no problem. I have my black coffee + splenda, cottage cheese and peaches, and little clementine oranges.

Weigh in: 168.2

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