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Morning After...

Last night i took one SSP around 6pm, and made dinner. I didn't feel the appetite suppressing kicking in, which didn't worry me at all --- but then we decide we're going to take a trip down to the coastal trail and catch the sunset. Of course, we stop and get my little one a small ice cream cone from Mcdonalds --- and I decide to take another SSP just in case I cave in. Wrong choice!

I couldn't sleep at all last night, and i somehow managed to get a twilight nap in while watching the news. side effects are definitely dry/cotton mouth. I didn't suffer any palpations, and I am not exhausted at all.

Of course, I'm at work today... and I took another SSP. So far so good. No cravings, but I can eat breakfast - no problem. I have my black coffee + splenda, cottage cheese and peaches, and little clementine oranges.

Weigh in: 168.2

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Aaron Grinnell ~ Aar0ncee

Holy shit... the things that happen when you're away from the world. A friend of mine died Monday, from doing what he loved, but caused by something stupid... When you're driving guys WATCH FOR MOTORCYCLES! You can save a life. We're going to miss you Aaron...

Article courtesy of the Anchorage Daily News (adn.com):

Motorcyclist in accident dies

Published: June 14, 2007

A motorcyclist involved in a wreck last week has died, Anchorage police said.  

Aaron Grinnell, 25, died Monday after suffering brain injuries from a crash on June 4 at the Seward Highway and Rabbit Creek Road, police Lt. Nancy Reeder said.  Matthew Magruder, 19, the driver of a Ford pickup, pulled in front of a group of westbound motorcyclists about 9:30 p.m., Reeder said.

Grinnell, on a 2006 Yamaha, struck the pickup and toppled over it. He was wearing a helmet but it was badly damaged, Reeder said.  Reeder said it was too early in the investigation to determine if citations or charges would be issued. There was no indication of alcohol or drugs but police are following standard procedure and conducting toxicology tests.

This is the first motorcycle fatality of the year and brings to 12 the number of traffic deaths in Anchorage so far. The city recorded 15 traffic fatalities last year, Reeder said.

Jan. 1st, 2007


I'm Jaded.

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